Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Stakeholder Input on LCAP

 We had great feedback at the Curriculum Fair on the goals and actions plans for spending on students next year.  On Monday June 28 at 1pm will be another opportunity via this Zoom link 

Meeting ID: 828 6488 7950       Passcode: Seahorse

 By Phone

        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

Meeting ID: 828 6488 7950    Passcode: 16893257

Written input can be sent to

Listed here are the goals and actions planned for next year.

The Local Control Accountability Plan or LCAP is a Statement of the school’s goals about how it will spend The State’s Revenues on  educating the  students. 

Your input is an important part of the process.

 In  this year’s LCAP,  the Supplemental and Concentration Grant  Funds that the school receives for Low Income students, is the focus. Total Supplemental and Concentration Funds to be received are $187,279.00

 There is a $5,000 open allotment  to be determined by the community.  Ideas from teachers and parents so far are; beginning of the year school supply kits. field trips, playground equipment, a social emotional class with gentle support and continuing the robotics class. More ideas are welcome.

Below are the Goals and Actions that the funds will be used for.

Goal 1:To provide an engaging, safe and excellent educational alternative through Independent Study and Home Study that is inspired by Waldorf Education.

 Action 1. Comprehensive Curriculum

 All students receive full curriculum package that are standards aligned at beginning of school year.

 Action 2.  New Courses

Students have access to new curricular courses that are relevant to today’s world.(life skills was a suggestion here) 

Action 3. ELL, English Language Learners curriculum & supports.

ELL students receive curriculum and materials that support their language development and academic advancement. Supports include a translator.

Action 4.Achievement

Students receive a diagnostic at the beginning of the year that helps place them in curriculum (Fast Bridge– New)

Action 5. Achievement

ELL students participate in the ELPAC annually and see incremental growth.

Action 6. Supplemental Materials

Students receive supplemental materials chosen by parents & guardians as well as school readiness supply kits.

Action 7. Safe School

Students feel safe everywhere on campus and have tools to cope when there are problems with peers or situations.

 Goal 2:  To Support every student in achieving their academic potential and excel beyond, through the recognition and development of their individual gifts and strengths and by insuring access to a high quality education.

Action 1- Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning Classes, home and onsite

Action 2- Extra Academic Support

Tutoring by teachers is available to all students especially students with high needs.

Action 3- Teacher Office Hours

Besides Tutoring, Students and Parents have access to teacher support during office hours.

Action 4- Awards and Certificates

Students receive recognition for accomplishing their Smart Goals, and achieving academic and personal growth.

Action 5- Staff Support

Student Services Liaison support of families in access to curriculum questions, and needs as well as providing general access and support regarding the school.

 Action 6- Specialized Academic Support

The school provides Dyslexia screening and support services to any student that demonstrates a need.

Action 7-  Technology access

Information Technician support to acquire, prepare and check out devices to high needs students.

Goal 3: Through professional development, create strong educators in the parent, teacher and school leadership communities with the aim to support and provide student achievement.

Action 1. Parent Professional Development

Parent Institutes and other trainings.

Action 2. Parent Communication

Using Parent Square as the primary school to home communication mechanism, greater participation will be sought each year as well as utilizing more aspects of the program.

Action 3. Promotion of Consistent Engagement

Weekly Check-ins and Weekly Check-in Report Cards

Action 4-Teacher and Staff Professional Development

Teacher and Staff Professional Development, both in house and external including  annual Waldorf training and conferences.





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