Sunday, August 27, 2023

Orientation Videos for the 2023-24 Year

 Welcome to the New School Year!!

 For those who missed Orientation or came very late you will find the video links here.

There are three components the. 1.  Review of the Year, and the two short videos on 2. Weekly Check-in and the brand new 3. How To Create a Successful EC Meeting. 

After watching the videos and noting the secret code, the enrollment paperwork must be

filled out before curriculum packages can be  issued.  

Orientation Video

Weekly Check-in

How to Create a Successful EC Meeting

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Big Changes in Covid Safety Rules!


No Mask Requirement!  Facial coverings are no longer mandated for any member of the school community whether indoors or outdoors.  This is the guidance from the California Department of  Public Health.   However OSHA continues to recommend masking and some organizations in the county are using the OSHA Guidelines.  At La Vida, masks will not be required and individuals may choose to wear them if they feel more comfortable. 

Another Change is the Daily Health Screening for onsite is no longer required.  It will be removed from Parent Square this week.  This practice helped during the post winter break surge when there was at least a case a day of exposure or even contraction of Covid 19.  That situation has been radically reduced at La Vida to one or two cases over a month. The school will continue to monitor the larger picture and could bring the screening back if there is another surge.  Thank you to all of you who participated. 

New Quarantine Protocols from the California Department of Public Health, CHDP:  Quarantine period is now ends at 10 days. If child feels sick and has been exposed, they can return when they feel well with no fever for 24 hours, after day 6-10.  Sick students should quarantine for a minimum of 5 days and can test on day 5.  If test is negative they can return on day 6 OR return when feeling well with no fever for 24 hours on day 6 or after.  Facial coverings are recommended for those students who were sick and are returning to school before day 11.

Exposed Students who do not become ill or have had Covid 19 in the past 90 days may return to school the day after exposure, ONLY if they feel well and have no fever.  However to be prudent,  it is recommended that exposed students  stay home for 5 days after exposure to make sure symptoms do

not develop and spread.  Testing is recommended on day 5 to return on day 6.  Exposure means and individual or group that have spent 15 minutes over a 24 hour period , indoors, within six feet of a person with Covid 19.

Please notify the school office if your child has been exposed or is sick.  1-707-459-6344

Prevention protocols will continue such as:  hand washing,  daily work area disinfection,  maintaining air flow indoors, utilizing outdoor workspaces, and maintain social distancing as appropriate.

Vaccine mandates remain in place for school staff and parent volunteers.  Weekly testing is required for those not vaccinated.  Until this mandate is lifted, the school is not utilizing parents to volunteer in the classroom or on field trips etc.  Parents can still contribute to their 2 hour per month  volunteer quota by donating classroom snack or supplies.  Remember to write down contributions in the green binder in the kitchen.  Thanks so much, the donations have a wonderful rippling effect.


Everyone’s conscientiousness to maintain health and safety for all during this difficult time has been amazing, Thank you.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Stakeholder Input on LCAP

 We had great feedback at the Curriculum Fair on the goals and actions plans for spending on students next year.  On Monday June 28 at 1pm will be another opportunity via this Zoom link 

Meeting ID: 828 6488 7950       Passcode: Seahorse

 By Phone

        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

Meeting ID: 828 6488 7950    Passcode: 16893257

Written input can be sent to

Listed here are the goals and actions planned for next year.

The Local Control Accountability Plan or LCAP is a Statement of the school’s goals about how it will spend The State’s Revenues on  educating the  students. 

Your input is an important part of the process.

 In  this year’s LCAP,  the Supplemental and Concentration Grant  Funds that the school receives for Low Income students, is the focus. Total Supplemental and Concentration Funds to be received are $187,279.00

 There is a $5,000 open allotment  to be determined by the community.  Ideas from teachers and parents so far are; beginning of the year school supply kits. field trips, playground equipment, a social emotional class with gentle support and continuing the robotics class. More ideas are welcome.

Below are the Goals and Actions that the funds will be used for.

Goal 1:To provide an engaging, safe and excellent educational alternative through Independent Study and Home Study that is inspired by Waldorf Education.

 Action 1. Comprehensive Curriculum

 All students receive full curriculum package that are standards aligned at beginning of school year.

 Action 2.  New Courses

Students have access to new curricular courses that are relevant to today’s world.(life skills was a suggestion here) 

Action 3. ELL, English Language Learners curriculum & supports.

ELL students receive curriculum and materials that support their language development and academic advancement. Supports include a translator.

Action 4.Achievement

Students receive a diagnostic at the beginning of the year that helps place them in curriculum (Fast Bridge– New)

Action 5. Achievement

ELL students participate in the ELPAC annually and see incremental growth.

Action 6. Supplemental Materials

Students receive supplemental materials chosen by parents & guardians as well as school readiness supply kits.

Action 7. Safe School

Students feel safe everywhere on campus and have tools to cope when there are problems with peers or situations.

 Goal 2:  To Support every student in achieving their academic potential and excel beyond, through the recognition and development of their individual gifts and strengths and by insuring access to a high quality education.

Action 1- Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning Classes, home and onsite

Action 2- Extra Academic Support

Tutoring by teachers is available to all students especially students with high needs.

Action 3- Teacher Office Hours

Besides Tutoring, Students and Parents have access to teacher support during office hours.

Action 4- Awards and Certificates

Students receive recognition for accomplishing their Smart Goals, and achieving academic and personal growth.

Action 5- Staff Support

Student Services Liaison support of families in access to curriculum questions, and needs as well as providing general access and support regarding the school.

 Action 6- Specialized Academic Support

The school provides Dyslexia screening and support services to any student that demonstrates a need.

Action 7-  Technology access

Information Technician support to acquire, prepare and check out devices to high needs students.

Goal 3: Through professional development, create strong educators in the parent, teacher and school leadership communities with the aim to support and provide student achievement.

Action 1. Parent Professional Development

Parent Institutes and other trainings.

Action 2. Parent Communication

Using Parent Square as the primary school to home communication mechanism, greater participation will be sought each year as well as utilizing more aspects of the program.

Action 3. Promotion of Consistent Engagement

Weekly Check-ins and Weekly Check-in Report Cards

Action 4-Teacher and Staff Professional Development

Teacher and Staff Professional Development, both in house and external including  annual Waldorf training and conferences.





Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Covid Safety Plan


La Vida Covid Safety Plan for
Students on Campus
May 10, 2021

 By Ann Kelly, Executive Director

 La Vida is an Independent Study, Home Schooling Program  for grades TK-12 and is serving approximately 100 students. One hundred percent of student attendance is through nonclassroom based independent study.  However the school offers optional onsite classes that function as enhancement to the core academics studied at home.  

Elementary students  TK- 8, will return to onsite classes on April 13 in small cohorts of six to nine per mixed grade class two days per week, on Mondays and Tuesdays.  The days will be shorter than usual, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Each cohort will have a limit of two teachers who work with them solely. There was not enough interest for even a small cohort in High School, so there will not be onsite classes on Wednesday or Thursday.  Virtual classes will continue.  All in person classes and meetings will follow the safety protocols listed below.  Fridays are for tutoring and  Educational Coordination meetings.  The office closes at noon.

Required Educational Coordination Meetings can be in person or virtual depending on the choice of the parties involved.

Special Education meetings and tutorials can also be in person or virtual depending on the choice of the parties involved.

Designated Entrances & Exits and Outdoor Work Spaces:  For those who come to campus, designated entrance doors for each class are posted and are expected to be used as designed, in order to minimize hallway passing and exposure.

Parents, guardians and family members are encouraged to only to enter the school when absolutely necessary. There is a doorbell on the office entrance that should be rung when service is required and a staff member will come to lend assistance. Walkie talkies may be utilized to help the traffic flow.   Only one non office staff person is allowed in the office at a time.

Outdoor Classrooms & Ventilation:  Each class has an outdoor area with tables and benches under an overhang.   These areas will be used for at least 50% of the school day and for regular Educational Coordination meetings. All classrooms have windows that open which will be utilized to keep fresh air flowing in the room.

Social Distancing Protocols: Whether inside or outside, faculty, staff, and families observe the minimum three to four foot protocols, facial coverings, and hand washing.  Teachers are remain six feet from students as much as possible.  Classrooms are set up with four foot distances between students.  Students will occupy their designated desk (not move or share) and students will also have individually assigned pencil supply cases (not to be shared)  Outdoor eating will also maintain the four foot distance between students.

Facial Coverings:  Utilizing the CalOsha Guidelines for Schools, students in grades  TK – 2 are encouraged but not required to wear facial coverings.  Students in grades 3 to adult are required to wear facial coverings.  The school has a supply of facial coverings that are available to anyone who needs them.

If a student has a condition that makes wearing a mask impossible, the school asks for a note stating the situation and recommends that a doctor’s note  be on record.

If a student needs to have a mask break, a designated area outside the classroom door will be provided.

 Hand washing:   There are three outdoor hand washing stations at entrances, and one outdoor hand sanitizing station at the main entrance.  Students will be directed to wash hands upon entry, and before and after meals.

Sanitizing:  Classroom sanitizing will happen at the end of the day, since the days are short and  at least half of the day will be out or doors.  Outdoor tables will be sanitized once per day. Door knobs, light switches, bathrooms, copy machines and adjacent work areas,  and telephones are cleaned on the same schedule.  If an in person meeting occurs, then the area is sprayed with a sanitizer by the teacher or staff member and let to set for 10 minutes before the next occupancy.

Health Screening:  For onsite class days students and staff will be required to fill out a short health survey once per week  on Monday  for the two day  program.  The submission will be through Parent Square.  It will be reviewed by office staff and a student will be held from class until the survey is completed.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees will be sent home.  Unless there is a doctor’s note indicating that the individual has a chronically high temperature.  Students and staff who are sick should stay home.  Return to school is acceptable after 24 hours fever free and no other symptoms are present.  Thermometers were in the beginning of the year packets for each family.

Drop Off and Pick Up will have designated areas per class.  Parents should pull up to the posted area and release their student to the teacher.  The reverse is to happen at pick up, where the parents drive to the posted area and the teacher releases the student to the parent.  The fewer adults on campus, the safer , with regards to the spread of the coronavirus. Parents should only come onto campus or to The office when necessary, such as when picking up curriculum or materials.

The Covid Tent: If someone is suspected to have Covid 19, a walled canopy  resides in the back yard  with chaise lounge, rug, table etc.  as a holding area.  It can be accessed from the outside.  The Director would be the designated care taker and similar PPE & sanitizing procedures described above would occur.   It should be noted that there is outdoor air blowing through at all times.  The student or staff member would be referred to a testing site.  If  testing positive, the Health Department will be notified and affected families alerted . Quarantine protocols as stated in the Mendocino County Health order would be followed.   If three cases of Covid 19 occur in the school within fourteen days, then the school would completely close for 72 hours, with key agencies notified, and with exposed parties quarantined until the health department investigation recommends next steps.  New CALOSHA guidance allows fully vaccinated teachers and staff to not quarantine if exposed.

Testing: Anyone experiencing symptoms or have been potentially exposed to a Covid case will be directed to the testing options in the area and can return to school after a negative result.  If one opts to not take a test, then self quarantining would be required and the student would not return to School for fourteen days. The school will maintain a current list of testing sites to be made available to community members.

End of Year events such as graduations will be held outside with distancing and facial covering protocols as recommended by the Mendocino County Health Officer.


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Public Hearing for Learning Continuity Plan

 Monday, September 28 at 2:45

This public hearing  is for the La Vida Community to learn and have input on how learning will remain stable during Covid19. A general time line and special expenditures will be reviewed. The community stakeholders will have the opportunity to suggest expenditures that would support students during Covid19.  This is a Zoom meeting immediately after the Parent Institute. The Public Hearing Zoom link can be found here on the Calendar and also on Parent Square.

The rough draft of the La Vida working report can be found here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Back to School Tidbits

Happy August!!!  It is almost time for new 2020-21 school year to start.  The La Vida office is now open Monday through Thursday from 9-3:30, and Friday from 9-12 Noon.

Questions are best answered via phone and email with visits to the campus by scheduled appointment.

We are limiting public access until the health orders are lifted.  Facial coverings are required while on campus.

The New School Year:  The first day of school is August 31.  Watch for a colorful postcard with the details of Orientation and Curriculum Pick Up. The postcard should arrive in the mail around August 12. Around the same time, returning families will receive Enrollment Update forms, which must be returned completed at Curriculum Pick Up in order to receive curriculum

Your Educational Coordinator, EC, will be reaching out to you to set your first meeting and design your program for your Master Agreement.  They will be calling between August 19 and 21st.

Onsite Program-  La Vida is following Willits Unified's lead and will not be having onsite classes for September and October at least.  When it is safe, we will resume the onsite program.  The Governor said this week that the sheltering in place would probably still be in force through the winter holidays.

Teachers will have regular weekly virtual communication with parents and students. In person EC meetings are permitted under the current health orders.  There will also be weekly virtual Parent Institutes for all Elementary grades in both home and onsite programs. Topics include: tips about homeschooling, using the curriculum, teaching math and Waldorf methods to name a few.  There will be a weekly zoom math class for Kindergarten through Algebra. And there will be some specialty classes in drama for the Elementary and a History with Study Skills for High School and more. 

Attendance for many will be required.  For those who struggle with technology limitations, the school wants to help and will be reaching out on how to do that.

Watch for info on a new communication system, Parent Square, which is designed to make school to home and home to school communication easier and smoother.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Zoom Orientation and Curriculum Pick Up! 

Imagining a world of Peace and Freedom.