Saturday, February 17, 2018

Upcoming Learning Challenge Events

ASL Olympics-  Mana Youngbear will present the Elementary School with a series of challenges to be solved with American Sign Language at the ASL Olympics on February27th at 1:30.

March is Story Problem Month-  Elementary School students will have leveled math groups for Real World Math instead of mixed grade groups.  The focus will be learning strategies to solve story problems.  The month will culminate with a Math Challenge event for each grade level on Monday, March 26 during Math Class.  The school will be using problems for the Inside site.  Parents will be able to see a demonstration video on solving story problems at the next Morning Institute, on How Singapore Math Works,  February 27 at 9:15.

March is also Reading Month with an extra focus on Reading during the Monday and Tuesdays.
March 5 is Read to your Stuffed Animal Day.
March 12 and 26 are Reading Buddy Days
March 19 is both, Pajama Day- Snuggle Up and Read OR Dress as your Favorite Storybook Character.
Parent help is needed to stock and take the book cart to the classrooms for special book check outs.

Gary Martin with Art Appreciation and Greg Schindel the Train Singer will be presenting, February 26 and 27th respectively.

Portfolio Selection Time--Winter Trimester Ends March 2nd.  It is time to makes selections and write reflections on the work accomplished over the Winter for the End of Year Portfolio.  Every student, Kindergarten through 12th grade is expected to submit a portfolio at the last EC meeting of the year.

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