Monday, April 6, 2020

Spring Break: April 6-10

This flyer was sent to everyone with Report Cards and a self addressed stamped envelope to send in work.  Have a Wonderful Creative Holiday!!

Friday, March 27, 2020

La Vida Updates for Shelter In Place For Week March 30 – April 3

Dear La Vida Homeschooling Community- 

As teacher Karen Walsh says “ You are professional homeschoolers—you’ve got this!! 

At La Vida we continue to follow the Shelter In Place protocols for the week ahead.  Please be advised that the shelter in place order and school classroom closures are likely to be extended.  New information will be coming out today.

For this week, we encourage only virtual EC Meetings, either by phone or Zoom meeting or something similar.  Submit ALL your work via mail or electronically.  Watch for various packets to be sent from the school.  One will have a stamped envelope to submit homestudy work.  There will be enough postage for 25 sheets of paper for elementary monthly submission and 12 sheets of paper for High School bi-weekly submission.  We encourage you to use the mail method.  For those using main lesson books, you and your teacher via Zoom meeting can review and choose pages to copy.

To submit a volume of work electronically, it is best to send as PDF’s.  Phone apps like Simple Scan for Android or Adobe Scan Digital PDF or for the IPhone there is a PDF document scanner in the Notes app and many more that are designed for that.  The standard picture from your camera  is fine for a couple of pieces, but there might be too many megabits to send 20 plus images which would require multiple emails.  Submit electronic work to your EC.

La Vida office hours and staffing are minimal.  The office is open 10-2 Monday through Thursday and closed on Friday. 

New next week will be Zoom Math Classes for TK through Algebra.  Invitations should come through your teacher.  Home only students may also join in.  Most will be about a half hour one day per week.

Be logged in and ready to start at the designated time.

The schedule for the week is:

TK  with Ms Fawn: Monday at 10:30
Kinder with Ms Fawn: Tuesday at 10:30
1st Grade with Ms Sarah Monday at 11:00
2nd Grade with Ms Sarah Tuesday at 11:00
3rd Grade  & 4th Grade with Mr Michael will be prerecorded to access any time.  Watch for a link to be emailed.
5th Grade with Ms Lynne on Tuesday at 10:30
6th Grade with Mr Isaac on Tuesday at 12:00
Pre- Algebra with Mr Larry on Wednesday & Thursday at 10:30
Algebra with Mr Edward on Wednesday & Thursday at 11:00

High School Community Thursday is  Cancelled.  The Benchmark Project deadline is extended from April 2 to the new deadline of April 16.  Submissions will be electronic.  Watch for details at the end of the week.

School Meals-  A Huge Applause to Ukiah and Willits Unified School Districts for providing school meals daily.  All school age children are eligible, including La Vida students.  Check the school district websites and facebook pages for updates as the method and frequency is changing.  Next week Ukiah will be putting out five meals on Monday and 6 meals on Friday to accommodate Spring break.  They are trying to minimize contact for everyone. Ukiah put out 6,000 meals this week!!!

City, County and State Officials and our landlords The Golden Rule really want you to stay home!  Parks are being closed for the time being.  You can go out for a walk or bike ride, providing you stay six feet apart from others and are in walking or biking distance to your home.  Driving to a park is not permitted.  Also Cease and Desist Orders are being served to non essential businesses.  Anyway, this is serious business and we really want everyone to stay healthy, not spread the virus and get life back to normal as soon as possible.

Your teachers miss you!!!!  They will be calling to check in.  Don’t worry; we will have a big party when this is all over.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

La Vida Update for Week March 23-27----Revised

 Dear La Vida Homeschooling Community,
I hope this email finds everyone well and that everyone has the supplies they need for the duration of the Shelter In Place Order to inhibit the spread of the Covid19 coronavirus.  If there is an urgent need, please let us know and we will try to help.

Onsite classes have been suspended indefinitely at La Vida, however EC & IEP meetings, tutoring and MAP testing,  will continue. Weekly Check-ins every Friday continues. Tutoring will resume March 30 week, in compliance with health and safety regulations. MAP testing will resume after spring break. More detailed information about scheduling will be sent out next week.  Curriculum check out will also continue as needed.  Expect a phone call check in from your EC, once per week if you are onsite or every two weeks if home only.

Office hours for the next two weeks before spring break, are 10:00 – 2:00 Monday through Thursday and Closed on Friday.  Spring Break is vacation time with no assignments; however it is time to catch up if one is behind.  Dates for Spring Break are April 6-10.

The week of the 23rd,  La Vida teachers will be working to develop virtual Math Classes that will happen at least one day per week on the same day they would be for the onsite class schedule.  Attendance will be expected for the onsite students and homeonly's are welcome to join in.  EC meetings can continue to occur in person with social distancing.  However if anyone is sick, a virtual platform will be used.  Virtual platforms in this case, means by phone or through Zoom meeting platform, which is like a facetime or skype.  It is an easy set up, and links with instructions will be emailed out and put on the website. Zoom works with phones, tablets and computers. For EC meetings via Virtual Platform, work must be scanned, photographed or mailed in.  Tips for good pictures will also be sent out and posted.

The Golden Rule, the school’s landlords, is wanting to limit exposure to their community by eliminating visitors.  When coming to La Vida, come only to the school.  Please do not go to the Golden Rule or use the picnic tables under the big shade tree for the time being.  Parking for the school is across the front and up the side by the swing set.  If possible, park in those areas only.  La Vida is following the social distancing and sanitation preventatives recommended and is staying abreast with the daily updates coming from the county and state.

Tips and resources will be emailed and posted at and on

Keep On the Sunny Side!     
With All Best Wishes,
Ann Kelly, Executive Director

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