Monday, August 2, 2021

Time Sensitive, Response Needed from High School Students

 A copy of this letter was mailed last week.

Dear High School Students and Parents,

In an effort to mitigate the educational challenges caused by the lock downs in response to Covid19,  the California Legislature is offering High School students who had a D or F in a class last year, 2020-21, the opportunity to change that grade to a Pass or No Pass.  This will have less impact on one’s Grade Point Average, GPA, than a D or an F. 

Most California state colleges will accept the Pass/ No Pass mark.  On the Department of Education website, a list of colleges is published who accept the Pass or No Pass mark, A link to the colleges accepting Pass- Not Pass can be found here. However, some private schools and schools in other states do not accept the Pass / No Pass grade.

If you are interested in utilizing this opportunity, you only have 15 days from the date of the receipt of the letter to apply.  If you apply, your request will be granted within 15 calendar days upon the receipt of the application.   A paper copy of the application was mailed to you last week.


Correspondence regarding this issue should be addressed to the Registrar of La Vida Charter School, Rhonda Reed, who can be reached at and on campus on Thursdays at 459-6344.

With Warm Wishes,

Ann Kelly

Executive Director